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Remote Learning

If your child is currently self-isolating then they will need to follow the link below to access their learning on Microsoft Teams.  Your child can also use this link to access their weekly home learning.

Please note: when using Microsoft Teams we would recommend accessing the site via their app rather than the web browser.  This should give you better fuctionality.  The app can be downloaded onto a PC or through your chosen app store (Apple and Android are available).

What do I do if my child is self-isolating but their class bubble is still open?

You will need to contact the school office ( to notify them of your child's absence.  You will also need to inform Mrs Stephens directly at her email address ( to ensure your child is added to a home learning group on Teams.  Mrs Stephens will then support you and your family during this time. 

What do I do if my child is self-isolating and their class bubble is closed?

Your child will need to follow the process below during the class' isolation period:

  • A daily registration will take place via Microsoft Teams every morning at 9am with the class teacher.  During this session the work set for the day will be outlined as well as the register being taken.  
  • There will be 3 'assignments' set for the children each day with relevant video links and resources attached to them.
  • Along with the 3 'assignments', it would be beneficial for the children to read for at least 20 minutes each day and practise their times tables on Time Tables Rockstars.
  • Children will need to upload their work onto Microsoft Teams at the end of each day by clicking the 'turn in' button within each assignment.  Only the class teacher will be able to view the work.  
  • Feedback will then be given on each assignment handed in.