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Senior Leadership Team

Karen Slade

Head Teacher

Viki Garrett

Deputy Head Teacher

Natalie Pearson

EYFS and Year 1 Phase Leader

Steph Stephens

Year 2, 3 and 4 Phase Leader

 Helen Lipman Year 2, 3 and 4 Phase Leader
 James Duffin Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader

Catherine Barber

Inclusion Leader

Jill Westwood

School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Natalie Pearson

Elmer Class


Julie Hitchcock

Gruffalo Class


Rosie Elliott

Pixie Class

Year 1

Jessica Maple

Pixie Class

Year 1

Nick Louth

Elf Class

Year 1

Emma Potter

Gnome Class

Year 2

Nicola Hill

Sprite Class

Year 2

Steph Stephens

Pegasus Class

Year 3

Helen Berrill

Pegasus Class

Year 3

Abigail Taylor

Hippogriff Class

Year 3

Sean Osborne

Phoenix Class

Year 4

Helen Lipman

Sphinx Class

Year 4

Trac Fordyce

Wyvern Class

Year 5

Grace Worley

Dragon Class

Year 5

Alison Burnside

Griffin Class

Year 6

James Duffin

Hydra Class

Year 6

Tina Hall

Forest School Leader


Specialist Resource Provision

Jayne Laker

Teacher of the Deaf

Alison Cattanach


Susie Martin Learning Support Assistant

Lynn Miles

Learning Support Assistant

Alex Taylor

Learning Support Assistant

Marta Sturmey

Learning Support Assistant

Charlotte Havering

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistants/HLTAs

Sarah Luffingham (HLTA)

Hannah Ludwig-Clifton

Sue Meades

Heather Bowker

Tina Lucas

Maria Jago

Hannah Mills

Sheila Vaux

Philippa Clark

Jennifer Robinette

Louise Taylor

Rachel Brooker

Hazel Smith (HLTA)

Nicola Staczek

Clare Speirs

Clare Greehy

Tracey Wheeler

Amie-Jo Riseborough

Daryl Buckland

Amy Shafer

Sadie Munday

Emi Burt

Nasreen Mohammed

Sonia Marshall

Estelle O'Connor

Naz Vokes

Denise Dolley

Cassie Abisoye

Louise Pearson Sam Walker
Helena Horsman Rebecca Darby

Pastoral and Inclusion Team

Catherine Barber Inclusion Leader
Jayne Laker Assistant SENCO/Teacher of the Deaf
Libby Wilmshurst Family Liaison Officer
Hazel Smith School Counsellor/Mental Health First Aider
Wendy Ball Fitness and Wellbeing Champion and Senior Mental Health First Aider
Suzanne Batchelor Speech and Language Therapist

Admin Team

Jill Westwood School Business Manager

Amanda Parsons

Personnel Officer and PA to the SLT

Stephen Laws

Admissions and Communications Officer

Tracey Arnold

Administrative Assistant

Emma Smith Administrative Assistant - Finance

Brian Clark

ICT Technician

Site Management

Ray Dolley


Adam Humphrey

Deputy Caretaker

Midday Supervisors

Denise Dolley

Sharon Butrymowicz

Natalie Hooper

Philippa Clark

Tracey Wheeler

Cassie Abisoye

Samantha Walker

Sadie Munday

Nicola Staczek Emma Smith

Breakfast and After School Club

Sharon Butrymowicz

Sadie Munday

Louise Pearson

Lynn Collins