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Vision, Values and Strategy

Slade Primary School Vision

Our vision of Slade Primary School is of:

  • children who love and respect themselves as individuals; who are proud of their behaviour and achieve personal success and happiness;
  • a supportive school family who all share in and explore vibrant learning experiences which motivate and challenge all;
  • a school where each child's individuality is celebrated within a caring, creative and inspirational learning environment;
  • keeping high standards at the core of all aspects of school life with a strong focus on learning.

Slade Primary School Values

  • Resilience
  • Kindness
  • Inclusion
  • Honesty

Slade Primary School Strategy

To help make our vision for the school a reality, the Governors and the school leadership agree to a 3 to 5 year strategic plan.  This includes objectives, milestones and deliverables which are reviewed and monitored regularly.

The main objectives and deliverables from the current Slade Primary School Strategy are detailed below:

1. To engage and equip school staff to deliver our vision with:

  • Appropriate training and career development; Staff supportive of and fully engaged with the school vision; Support from school leaders and each other in their everyday work.

2. Slade Primary School will deliver teaching and learning that ensures each child makes good progress from their individual starting point and which prepares them for later life:

  • Teaching and learning is consistently good across the school and aims to be outstanding Appropriate and effective support is provided for each child who needs it from their first day, based on a well-informed understanding of their abilities and needs
  • Parents and Carers understand how to enhance and enable their child’s learning; and, where this is a challenge, support is provided to parents and children.
  • Every child accesses a range of extra-curricular activities, to raise aspirations, open up opportunities and inspire creativity.
  • Staff will deliver an inclusive and accessible curriculum, which bridges differences, opens minds and fosters critical thinking, and which recognises achievement in all its form.

3. To develop plans for our school buildings and outdoor space that enable our vision for teaching and learning, support the ethos of the school, and provide inspiring, future-proof spaces, including for whole-school activities.

4. To effectively communicate information and encourage conversation and support among our whole school community, making best use of technologies, new and old.